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Artistic biography

Sar Sargsyan was born on 19 March 1981 in the town of Hadrut in Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh). He started his musical education at the Komitas School of Music in Hadrut. In 2002, Sar graduated from the vocal faculty of the Sayat-Nova College of Music in the city of Stepanakert led by Svetlana Aghadzhanyan. In 2007, he completed a course at the vocal faculty of the Komitas State Conservatory of Yerevan led by Professor Svetlana Kolosaryan, followed by post-graduate studies at the same school a year later, again under the supervision of Professor S. Kolosaryan.

Sar Sargsyan has performed extensively, including at multiple concerts and shows in Nagorno-Karabakh, Armenia, Georgia, Russia, the Ukraine, Bulgaria, the USA, UAE, Poland, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Lithuania, China, in Greece  and other countries. His solo programs were presented at the summer festivals of culture in Poland, “Polonia Cantans” and "ArtPark" (in 2016 and 2017). His first solo CD recording, “Karot” (Longing), was published in 2012. The vocalist has released 2 music videos based on Romanos Melikyan's songs "Rose" (2010) and Vagharshak Kotoyan's "Like a Dream" (2011) directed by Artyom Hakobyan.

The repertoire covers works by Armenian, Russian and European composers. Apart from the classical pieces, Sar also performs a variety of well-known and popular songs.

Sar is the initiator and Artistic Director of the International Vocal Festival & Competition "Vistula Sounds" in Ciechocinek (Poland) and a vocal juror at many international competitions in Poland and abroad.

Sar lives and works in Warsaw, Poland, but travels extensively to other countries to showcase his extraordinary vocal abilities and promote the wonderful classical heritage of Armenian composers, as well as other well-known and sought after musical gems.

Prizes and awards

  • Award winner at the 2nd National Russian Song Festival “Favourite Russian Songs” (Armenia, 2012);
  • Award winner at the 6th International “Renaissance” Festival (Armenia, 2014);
  • Grand Prix winner at the 3rd International “Victoria” Song Contest (Poland, 2014);
  • Grand Prix winner at the 4th International “Abanico“ Song Contest (Bulgaria, 2015);
  • Gold Medal winner at the 18th International “Chorus Inside Summer“ Festival (Italy, 2015);
  • Grand Prix and Gold Medal winner at the 19th International “Chorus Inside Croatia” Festival (Croatia, 2015);
  • “Classics” category winner at the 15th International Young Talent Contest “Kaunas Talent“ (Lithuania, 2015);
  • Grand Prix and 1st place winner at the International “Gran Fiesta” Festival (Spain, 2016);
  • 1st place winner at the International “Music League Talent” Song Contest (Lithuania, 2016);
  • 1st place winner at the International “Sofia Grand Prix” Song Contest (Bulgaria, 2017);
  • Certificates from the Armenian Ministry of the Diaspora awarded for his participation in the “My Armenia” and “Komitas Vardapet” festivals (held in Armenia in 2012, 2013, and 2016).


Sar is a professional, with an enormous respect for his listeners. One gets the impression that singing and stage performance is his life calling. His beautiful baritone voice draws attention to lyrics and the right interpretation of every piece he produces.

                                                                                           Grażyna Brodzińska /First Lady of the Polish Music Scene, singer – Poland


“Sar is a real expert at what he does, a full-fledged professional, and on personal terms – an open human being, delicate in contact with others.”

Marine Mesropyan /Meritorious Worker of Culture, conductor - Artsakh/


“A full and mature voice, expressing a full palette of singing performance in all vocal registers, exceptional in its intensity and dynamics. A singer with excellent perspectives and a wonderful career. A respected judge of international vocal and choir competitions.”

Pasquale Veleno /Conductor - Italy/


“Sar Sargsyan boasts a beautiful, lyrical baritone. He is the master of his voice, doing so in an exquisitely tasteful manner, while constantly on the lookout for new professional experiences and repertoire. Sar’s vocal performance features a remarkable colour, while the voice’s timbre and saturation deeply penetrate the listeners’ souls.”

Willy Weiner /Meritorious Worker of Art, composer - Armenia/Israel/


“Gifted with musical sensitivity, beautiful, velvety baritone, with a clear stage potential. Sar has given classical singing a contemporary and current direction that is highly popular today, one that is accessible to and understood by all audiences.”

Karine Karapetyan /Classical singer, professor - Armenia/


“Sar Sargsyan is a wonderful musician and singer. His performances of various pieces by Mikael Tariverdiev make his music closer through Sar’s sincerity, warmth and humanity. I am grateful to Sar for his dedication to music and what makes it so noble. I am also thankful for his interpretation of this demanding repertoire which, although known to many, easily defies interpretation.”

Vera Tariverdieva /Musicologist, widow of the composer M. Tariverdiev – Russia/


“The contemporary diversity of music allows Sar Sargsyan’s record, “Karot” (Longing), to stand out due to its harmony of exquisite works by Armenian classics. The vocalist’s performances attract attention thanks to their musicality, sensitiveness, and distinctive style. All this, essentially, is an effect of Sar’s extensive musical education.”

Araksi Saryan /Meritorious Worker of Art, professor - Armenia/


“When I finished listening to Sar’s latest CD, “Karot” (Longing), I was especially moved by his performance of the Armenian classics and pieces by contemporary composers. What really matters here is that his interpretations and musical arrangements are delivered in a tasteful manner, with the original melodies not modified, but at the same time the performance is modern and pleasing to the ear.”

David Ghazaryan /Meritorious Worker of Culture, professor - Armenia/