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W. Malgoni "Look at that moon" (Guarda che luna)
H. Wars "Only You"
W. Eiger "I know i wasn't for You"
A. Skorupka "A letter to my mother"
A. Karapetyan "My Hadrut"
A. Nasibyan "Anthem of Artskah"
M. Tariwerdiew "Song about Homeland"
M. Tariwerdiew "Moments"
M. Tariwerdiew "Memory"
M. Tariwerdiew "Do not disappear"
A. Babadżanyan "I love you"
W. Gazaryan "The truth of love"(duet with Qristine Sahakyan)
E. De Kurtis "Do not forget me" (Non ti scordar di me)"
R. Falwo "Tell the girls" (Dicitencello vuie)
J. Lakalle "Poppy" (Amapola)