Sar Sargsyan: We must save the old Armenian songs from oblivion (August 18, 2013)

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Interview with young classical & pop singer, Sar Sargsyan, who is gradually being noticed in the Armenian musical scene (SAR means "mountain" in Armenian).


Saribek Sargsyan’s first CD presentation (April 17, 2013 )

news en (1)TBILISI.- On 14 April, 2013 the “Hayartun” Cultural Center of the Armenian Diocese in Georgia hosted the presentation of the first CD of the singer Saribek (Sar) Sargsyan. Saribek Sargsyan was born in Artsakh, his name is well known in the community of Tbilisi Armenian music lovers. Eight years ago Gevorkyan family of Tbilisi Armenians baptized Sargsyan family from Artsakh in the Surb Gevorg (Saint George) Cathedral in Tbilisi, what inseparably tied them not only to the Gevorkyans, but to the whole Armenian community of Tbilisi as well.